Real-Ezy Folding Boat Trailers, operating in Northern NSW, Australia, is a family run business operated by husband and wife team, Rob & Linda Shawyer, along with their two sons Ian and Brett.

Rob is the inventor of the Real-Ezy Folding Boat Trailer and has been involved in the design and manufacturing field for 29 years. Firstly at the Australian National University in the Research School of Biological Sciences, working on devices for experimental research. Because of the very high standard of his workmanship, Rob received a Churchill Scholarship, to go to Oxford University, England, for six months, to further develop his skills in engineering. After returning home, Rob continued to work at the Research School of Biological Sciences, until moving to the North Coast of NSW, with his family in 1984 to start up his own Manufacturing business.

The continuing growth and renewed interest in caravanning Australia wide, led to the Real-Ezy Folding Boat Trailer being conceived. These trailers have been put through extensive on and off road trials, which you wouldn't normally ask of this sort of trailer.

The Barcoo and Barcoo Lite coil suspension models are the latest to be released, and has proved a very popluar model, with many of our Customers going and selling their standard boat trailer to purchase the Barcoo as the one trailer can do both around home towing and also be folded up and taken away on holidays.

We also Exhibit at many Caravan & Camping Shows through out the year and love catching up with everyone, and it gives potential buyers a chance to go over the foldaway trailers and also to talk to us about the different ways our trailers can be set up on their Caravan or Camper and also see a demo of the trailers.


Rob, Linda, Ian and Brett Shawyer.

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