Real Ezy Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the trailer be registered

  • A: Yes, it is certified with RTA and can be registered Australia wide 

Q: Any speed restrictions on the trailers

  • A: No, It can be towed at all legal speed limits 

Q: Do the trailers come with lights and winch

  • A: Yes 

Q: Where do the lights fit.

  • A: They hang off the boat 

Q: What type of bearings do the trailers have

  • A: Timkin bearings with marine seals (Ford Slimline) 

Q: Can we put the lights on the trailer

  • A: Yes we can supply a lightboard bracket, for additional cost. 

Q: what is the weight of the trailers

  • A: Total weight including winch post assembly is 68kg for the Barcoo and 58kg for the Nymboida 

Q: What is the speed rating of the tyres and ply

  • A: 130kph and the trailer comes standard with 6ply tyres, but you can upgrade to 8ply as an option 

Q: How much warranty on the trailers.

  • A: Twelve (12) months manufacturer’s warranty on parts & labor applies from date of purchase. *NO warranty on tyres or aftermarket modification made by customers  


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